What Features Does the Top IT Help Desk Software Offer

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It is never an easy task to choose the right help desk software for your business. What adds to the challenge is that there are plethora of products to choose from with each having its own set of features, customized plans & pricing, licensing models and claims regarding integration and performance and so on and so forth. But help desk softwares have gone on to become a big necessity in the present-day context with companies looking to keep no stone unturned in providing nothing but the very best of customer support in an age where the competition is really close and cut throat. Still, irrespective of the size and type of your company and the niche industry it belongs to there are quite a number of factors to be keeping in mind while going forward with making your eventual decision.

Here below are a few set parameters that you should definitely keep a close eye on prior to beginning your quest of searching for an IT help desk software for making sure that you end up investing on one that matches your requirements and one that is also feature-rich.

1. Outstanding Ticket Management and Tracking - During responding to service requests or technical issues, the basis of any ticketing system must obviously be tracking of tickets and efficient management. Although it sounds really obvious, still; the ability to monitor and effectively organize your active workload presents huge advantage when it comes to resolution time and ticket throughput leading to the ultimate increase in competence and efficacy level of the whole organization.

2. Historical Incident Database (Knowledge Base) - By enabling your team to share their accumulated and collective knowledge through an integrated Knowledge Base (KB), a significant influence can be had on resolution time as well as reduced workload.

3. Quick Access to Statistics and Metrics - Help desk software should let analysis and evaluation of responses to and treatments of every reported incident. IT technical support is able to measure their own performance by way of showing statistics, graphs, customer feedback, etc.

4. User-friendly Interface - It is a fact that many customers tend to run out of patience while navigating through a help desk portal. That is exactly why the focus of IT help desk should not only be to address and resolve their issues quickly but also ensure that customers have a smooth & swift experience every time they make an IT incident report together with a convenient and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, help desk softwares that offer a user-friendly UI also benefits the organization by relieving them from deployment complexities.

5. Quick Implementation and Support - Those help desk softwares that can give simplified and quick results would invariably mean that the time spend by your IT team is much lesser on making the tool actually work and devotes more time on leveraging adoption rates and also reach the Return on Investment (ROI) goals with ease. For small and medium level organizations, it takes around 4 weeks to test, implement and complete technical training before going live. However, if the estimated time is a little longer owing to the complexity of the configuration or due to the high amount of training required, it definitely makes sense to think twice if the solution is suitable for your organization.

6. Foundation in Industry Best Practices (ITIL) - While it is important to make certain that the software matches your requirements; you should always go with software solutions compatible with ITIL practices and let issues to be structured as problems and incidents which in turn can feed into change requests.

Help desk solutions enable small and medium sized companies track, manage and respond all customer inquiries from multiple-channels like phone, online forums, email and social media. In today's age, SaaS solutions allow employees to take the benefit of process automation and intelligence functionality. Using SaaS help desk solutions, customers can get up and running really quickly without any software installation, hardware requirements or maintenance. These days the bulk of the companies are looking to host their services on SaaS or the cloud. The chief reason behind it is that SaaS has been designed with a hot list of priorities meant for helping customer support big time. This is one such kind of help desk software that not only enhances the productivity but also improves customer satisfaction by letting self-service flourish with a number of features and options. However, it needs to be kept in mind though that all SaaS based software are not endowed with the same rich features and come with the same advantages.

It is of utmost importance for organizations to weigh up vendor offering before the right SaaS help desk software is chosen. Here are 5 things that should go into consideration prior to choosing a SaaS help desk software-

1. Multi-Channel Support - SaaS help desk solutions allow agents manage support process in a centralized fashion across many communication channels such as- web, email, social media, online chat, etc. In order to ensure the fact that your customers continue to be your customers you must connect with them round the clock irrespective of where they are located at. And as most people today use mobiles to connect to the internet, companies must also ensure the fact that the SaaS product thus chosen support multiple platforms like that of Android, Apple, etc. Thus, companies must be aware that the SaaS product they are going to choose is successfully capable of integrating across multiple platforms.

2. Automated Ticket Management - For providing quality customer support and service, you would require an automated ticket management system based on workflows, the history of all tickets and the ability to close them. Feature for re-opening the ticket automatically should also be there in case the issue is not resolved. visa uc Also, the customer should have the provision of viewing the ticket status from the convenience of a self-service browser. Customer interface, unified search, customer support groups, etc. are some of the features that you should definitely look for in your SaaS product.

3. Good Reporting Tool - It is vital for organizations that they run reports easily using advanced analytics and measure the progress of their work along with customer satisfaction. By having great reporting and analyzing tools, much more informed decisions about the business can be made. Thus, it is important that choosing a help desk software aids agents and managers for running reports conveniently and use advanced analytics to track metrics such as ticket priority, ticket status, ticket resolution time, customer satisfaction, etc.

4. Apps and Integration - It is absolutely necessary that SaaS help desk solution is pretty well integrated with other apps. Great service can be delivered only through great collaboration within different departments of an organization. Ideal integration with 3rd party applications enable companies create a single-point view of customer.

5. Self Service Portal and Global Support - Self-service portal i.e. Knowledge Base (KB) is one such feature that customers always look forward to for it allows the customer to enter and track their questions and look for answers on their own. On providing a safe, reliable and responsive self-service portal, the concerns pertaining to service availability, security, and the response time would be reduced for organizations.

The aforementioned ways are a sure shot in finding your right service desk software endowed and equipped with high and rich features.